I am so very excited that you are here with me! If any part of your success or income depends on you being able to effectively present and communicate in front of an audience of qualified individual decision makers and buyers in order to create win-win situations and to sell a product, service, or idea, then this book was written and The A-TO-E Sales Presentation Method for Blinner Talks eLearning System was created specifically for you.

The A-TO-E Sales Presentation Method for Blinner Talks eLearning System includes an entertaining and knowledge packed Textbook, Workbook, and more than two-dozen modules where I transfer twenty-years of extraordinary success from me to you.

When it comes to sales presentations, less is more. So rather than throwing everything A-TO-Z at you, I took twenty-years of successful real-life excellence and condensed in into five simple and extremely effective steps A-TO-E.

I am confident that if you master and internalize the concepts presented here, practice like Rocky Balboa about to square off with Ivan Drago (or like Adonis Creed vs Viktor Drago for you younger folk), and treat every sales presentation like it is the most important sales presentation you have ever given, you will connect with your audiences, you will be more successful, and you will sell more!

Warmest Regards,

Kristian Piipponen

The A-TO-E Method and Blinner Talks Decoded

If you are wondering what The A-TO-E Method can do for you and what on Earth is a Blinner Talk, then this video and the section below is meant for you. I even tell you why you shouldn't listen to me in the video. Now that's some straight up transparency right there! But I digress, please enjoy this short informational clip.


Definition of Blinner Talk

blinner talk noun

blin*ner talk I \ 'bli-ner tok \

Definition of blinner talk

1.    : a sales presentation, often over breakfast, lunch, or dinner, to an audience of individual decision makers with the purpose of ethically and effectively selling a product, service, or idea, and creating a win-win situation for all the parties involved

2.    : the most effective tool in your toolbox to acquire customers, close sales, and quickly grow your business and revenue

3.    : a virtual sales presentation without food


I wrote this book and created The A-TO-E Presentation Method for Blinner Talks based on two-decades of successfully perfecting my Blinner Talk and presentation skills delivering hundreds and hundreds of sales presentations in front of thousands and thousands of people across this nation. I have sold hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of goods and services in the process.

Some of the industries I have successfully operated in are Healthcare (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Imaging, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy), Insurance, InsurTech, and Business Consulting.

By attending other people’s Blinner Talks I have seen what the not-so-good looks like, what great looks like, and everything in between. I have taken all the learnings from the last two-decades and put them into this system so you can get a twenty-year head start by taking advantage of my vast experience.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, executive, sales professional, healthcare practitioner such as a physician or chiropractor or podiatrist, financial advisor, dentist, just getting started with your career, or someone who needs to present to audiences for any reason, The A-TO-E Sales Presentation Method for Blinner Talks was meant for you. 

I am confident that if you allow me to guide you through The A-TO-E Sales Presentation Method, internalize and master the steps and concepts involved, and practice and train properly, you will be able to create and deliver your Blinner Talk Masterpiece, you will connect with your audience, you will be more successful, and you will sell more.


I am a first-generation, proud American. Before I immigrated to the United States, I served in the Finnish military as a Drill Instructor and won two youth European Championships in American Football, one of them as part of the NFL World Partnership. After graduating with honors from college (go Bulldogs!), I have given hundreds and hundreds of sales presentations in front of audiences varying from half a dozen to hundreds in attendance and sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of goods and services. The A-TO-E Sales Presentation Method for Blinner Talks condenses two-decades worth of extremely successful experience presenting in-front of audiences. I am confident that if you master these concepts, train and practice properly, and execute accordingly, you will create your Blinner Talk Masterpiece, you will connect with your audiences, and you will sell more.

PS. If you have read my book, after seeing this picture you should now understand the part about not taking my advice when tying a bowtie!